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A prospective employer will take into account the amount of effort that candidates have taken to prepare and research the company prior to attending the interview.

Once you have prepared your research this will also contribute to reducing nerves and allow you to offer a confident meeting.

Tasks to complete prior to attending your interview :

1) Make sure you have the correct "title and name" of the individual you're to be interviewed by.

2) Plan your journey in advance, take a copy of your route, allow plenty of time to deal with delays/congestion, also finding a parking space. Take contact numbers of YES Rec2Rec and the telephone numbers of the interviewer in case of emergencies.

3) Research the companies website, if possible ask for brochures of the company, review back dated issues of recruitment trade magazines.

4) Utilise your contacts to establish the companies historic trading performance and identifying any "mission statements" or vision policies.

5) Understand fully the role and job description of the vacancy you are applying for.

6) Carefully consider what questions you may be asked in the interview, i.e : 

Your history of business generation
Client Relationships
Account management
Candidate selection and management
Achievements of delivery targets/budgets
Historic earnings

Where possible take with you an example of documents that will support your achievements to date.

7) Make sure you know your C.V. inside out and take a spare copy of your c.v. to brief yourself before the interview, and use as a replacement should your interviewer not have one.

8) First impressions do really count. Always dress formally for an interview, Business suits are a must. Hair should be smartly styled and groomed. Jewellery should be minimal. A smart simple brief case should be used to carry documents i.e. c.v. and supporting information.

9) Have a prepared list of pertinent questions to ask in the interview and take a note of the answers they give.